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Quality Assurance

Majority of Alfred Victoria sanitary products are WRAS, TMV2 & TMV3 certified and covered with 10 year guarantee against all manufacturing or material defects. (subject to terms & conditions).

Our Technology

We give our customers the best user experience with our continuous innovations

  • Grade A Brass
    • Materials is in accordance with BS EN ISO 6509:1995
    • Grade A Brass is safe to end user due to low led content
    • Grade A Brass is strong and resistant to high thermal expansion and contraction
  • Water Saving Technology
    • We continue to innovate to enhance environmental friendliness features to our product range from product design to usage of water during production to product’s daily use.
    •  We optimise water flow without any loss in comfort through our pressure-independent flow restrictor technology.
    •  A pleasantly full-bodied intelligent stream formation is formed and is designed with 30% to 50% lower water consumption (from a flow rate of 121/min to  a maximum reduction of up to 61/min)
  • Cold Touch Technology
    • Anti scalding technology
    • Cool touch body which maintains a safe surface temperature of the shower valve, reduces the risk of scalding
    • This safety measure is especially useful for children or elderly, who can not always judge whether something they touch is dangerously hot.
  • Air Aerated Showers
    • Air aerated shower head draws in air at a rate of 3 cubic litres for every litre of water that passes through it. This causes the water droplets that come out of the shower to enlarged but reduces the amount of water that is actually used by 35%.

Brassware perfection from United Kingdom within your grasp.